Shinko Giken Chuzo Co., Ltd.


About Shinko Giken Chuzo

International Network

We utilize our production networks within South Korea, Vietnam, and China to reduce costs while creating high quality products.
We have secured international partners with trusted material quality for production overseas, ranging from supplying materials to complete production and assembly. Furthermore, we have established a system wherein we can respond to requests quickly with our overseas subsidiaries in Busan, South Korea, and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Reliable and proven technologies

We provide customers with beneficial products,
using reliable and proven technologies.

We are continuously working on improvements to provide the highest quality for customer satisfaction. Each and every one of our personnel strives to improve our technologies, such as the introduction of equipment and efficient manufacturing process technology. We will work to meet the requests of our customers, with high quality, quick delivery, and low cost.

Support for a wide variety of needs

We support a wide variety of needs from knife gate valves and
other various valves, to ship and auto parts.

In recent years there has been a growing need for high rigidity and heat and wear resistant cast iron products. Shinko Giken Chuzo supports the production of large caliber parts, fully automated investment casting, conventional sand casting, and the mass production of complexly shaped parts.